James Merwin


Since I attended a clinic you held two years ago and then took 5 one-hour lessons plus occasional touch-up mini-lessons from you, I (actually you) have lowered my index from the low 20’s to 7.8 so instead of shooting in the mid to high 90’s I now shoot in the high 70’s to mid-80’s. Not bad for someone who is 66 years old, is only average in fitness and plays golf about once a week.

Not only have you morphed my swing from an unbalanced, erratic, shoulder-driven embarassment into a balanced, consistent, core-driven swing many of my friends envy, you made it back-friendly in the process which assures me a much longer golf future than I had been expecting. And, by teaching me a swing that is repeatable under pressure, you have given me the chance to compete against younger, more athletic golfers without fear of embarrassing or hurting myself in an effort to over-achieve. In fact, I tend to shoot my best scores in competition!

But, best of all, you are now teaching my son, Greg (a grade school principal), and my grandson, Carson (a 3 year old) the same swing you have taught me and they both love it (and you) too.

I could not be happier with your instruction and its impact on my golf game, my enjoyment of retirement generally and on my family’s shared love of golf.

I wish you the best. You deserve it.

James Merwin