Junior Performance Program

Junior Performance Program

Aloha Academy of Golf at Talega

  Junior Performance Program

Swing Easy, Play Better


Randy Chang      Phone: 949-331-2443 Email: Randychangpga@yahoo.com

                                                                 Website: www.randychangpga.com



·         PGA Professional Instruction 6 to 1 Student/Teacher ratio

·         Year round 5 week sessions

·         Golf clubs provided

·         Discount on range balls

·         Free golf during late twilight while accompanied by paying adult

·         1 free video swing analysis for the parent or friend



Level 1 (Developmental) 

Introduction to the game of golf.   We will cover such aspects as rules, etiquette, putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. Emphasis of this level is on introducing the over-all game of golf. All juniors who completes level 1 will advance to level 2.

*   Saturdays 9:00-9:45   Cost: $150



Level 2 (Mechanics)  

Designed for students who have been exposed to the game of golf and have received some type of instruction prior or who have moved up from Level 1. Emphasis of this level will be on improving the mechanics and fundamentals of full swing and short game. Students must pass our short game and rules/etiquette test to advance to level 3.

 *   Saturdays 10:00-10:45   Cost: $150




Level 3 (Players) 

Designed for students that have passed our Level 2 short game and rules/etiquette test. Emphasis of this level is becoming golf course ready, importance of practice, pre-shot routines and pace of play. 3 hole playing test to advance to Level 4.

*     Saturdays 3:00-4:00   Cost: $175



Level 4 ( Tournament) 

Majority of time will be spent on the golf course, playing shots and learning how to score. The emphasis on this level is to prepare the Junior for tournament play. Learning course management, physical fitness, and mental preparation. 9 hole ability test and family interview

to qualify for the “Next Level.”

Date Day and Time TBA         Cost: $175


The Next Level    

Designed specifically for the student who is completely dedicated to the game of golf. This level is for the student who plays regularly in tournaments and strives to take their game to the next level. The emphasis on this level is to train the Junior to play golf at their highest potential and prepare them for national tournaments and college recruitment.

Date Day and Time TBA            Cost: TBA



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