Steve Sparks


I just wanted to send you some positive feedback. I took half a dozen lessons from you in the winter of 2009, as I was having huge problems coming over the top on short irons.

At the time, my handicap was 5.6. I was age 45, and didn't have an under par round the entire year. I thought my under par days may be behind me. Anyway, I figured I'd give lessons one more shot to see if it would help.

Did it ever! 2010 was solid, handicap down to 2.6, and broke par 3 times. And as for 2011.....broke par 7 times, and the handicap is down to 1.0.

So...just wanted to say THANK YOU! And I'll forward your e-mail to my golfing friends in hopes of sending more business your way.

And my daughters are age 7 and might start seeing them soon!

Steve Sparks